Meridian Pacific Properties Offers Complimentary Investor Portfolio Analysis

At Meridian Pacific Properties, we make it easy to invest in residential real estate. With decades of experience in build-to-rent, we have streamlined the process to increase profitability and peace of mind for our investors. We offer full-service guidance and expertise to new and experienced investors to financial success.

Have you received your Portfolio Analysis from us yet? Our complimentary Portfolio Analysis reveals the best real estate investment strategies for an investors unique goals. It includes a Property Presentation, Market Criteria Report and Investor Education session. Here is what you can expect:

Portfolio Design Questionnaire

Our proprietary Portfolio Design Questionnaire generates deep insight into an investors goals and objectives, revealing the strongest investment strategies.

Property Presentation

After reviewing the Portfolio Design responses, Meridian presents investors with a custom portfolio of homes and a long-term investment strategy.

Market Criteria Report

Meridian provides investors with a detailed Market Criteria Report about the areas and specific subdivisions showing the strongest future outlook.

Investor Education

We take the time to educate investors about property selections and market expectations. Together, we tailor the portfolio to fit the investors needs.


Meet with our team online and we will set up an appointment.

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