Navigating Real Estate Investors through any Market Climate

We build high-yield residential investment properties and guarantee rent for the first year.

Navigating Real Estate Investors through any Market Climate

Creating Passive Income from Turnkey Rental Properties

Pioneering Build-to-Rent Residential Investments

Meridian is a full-service real estate company specializing in high-yield residential investments. We guide new and experienced investors to financial success.

Memphis Job Market Continues to Thrive
More jobs in Memphis point to a strong economy, healthy e-commerce, and overall positive market conditions
New Ruling on Memphis Eviction Moratorium
Many property management companies and landlords have been greatly impacted by the eviction morat...
Shelby County's Property Reappraisal
Have you received a property reappraisal notice? The increase in value is significant, but some are worried about the increased property taxes that might come with it.
Rising Mortgage Rates are Still Historically Low
Mortgage rates have recently surged creating quite some confusion. Don't be discouraged as current rates are still considered historically low. Is it time to refinance?

High-yield, passive investments without the hassle.

Meridian is leading the way in built-to-rent properties. We provide premium turnkeyreal estate to investors seeking high-quality, cash-flowing investment properties. Want to learn more?

Turnkey Solution
for Real Estate Investors

Why Real Estate?

Residential real estate is one of the most stable investments and can generate the highest overall returns. We are so confident in our strategy that we guarantee rent for the first year of every property you buy with Meridian.

Actual Property Cap Rates of New Construction from 2014-2019. (230 Properties Analyzed)

By investors. For investors.

Meridian Pacific Properties is guided by highly experienced investors who have navigated the way to success though all phases of the business cycle. Read more about Meridian’s current business model and pioneering work in the built-to-rent industry.

Passive Income or landlord life?

To create a consistent return on a real estate investment requires a lot of work.

That’s why clients love our done-for-you approach to investing.

We will build you a home, rent it out to high quality tenants and guarantee your rent for the first year.

2021 Memphis Market Update
Jul 1, 2021 at 10:00 AM PST
Jeff King (Co-Founder) Kevin Conlon (Co-Founder), Kent Coykendall (President), Brian Conlon (Business Development), & Jordan Varvel (Client Service)

Discussion around the Memphis and SFR investment markets for the first half of 2021.
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The State of the Memphis SFH Investor Market
Sept. 3, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST
Jeff King (Co-Founder) Kevin Conlon (Co-Founder), Kent Coykendall (President), Brian Conlon (Business Development), & Jordan Varvel (Client Service)

Major Memphis and SFH market updates and a special Q&A with both Meridian Co-Founders.
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