Why Build-to-Rent?


Meridian Pacific Properties is a full-service real estate company and pioneers in build-to-rent investment properties. We guide new and experienced investors to financial success.

Better Homes

Higher Returns

Location Control

10 Advantages of Build-to-Rent

Lower Maintenance

Strong Demand for New Construction

Comparable Rent Ratios

Highest Risk-Adjusted Returns

Stronger Home Appreciation

Attracts Better Quality Tenants

Strategic Locations

Includes Builder Warranties

Higher Rent Appreciation

Less Tenant Turnover

Full-Service, Turnkey Investments

We make it easy to invest in residential real estate. With decades of experience in build-to-rent, Meridian Pacific Properties has streamlined the process to increase profitability and peace of mind for our investors. Here are the services we offer.

Portfolio Analysis

Our complimentary Portfolio Analysis reveals the best real estate investment strategies for an investors unique goals. It includes a Property Presentation, Market Criteria Report and Investor Education session.

Financing & Processing

Meridian has an outstanding in-house team that navigates our investors through the entire financing and escrow closing process. The investor has control to make their own decisions, while our team does the heavy lifting.

Property Management

Meridian Property Management was formed in 2012 and is completely devoted to the interests of Meridian Pacific Properties investors.  We minimize vacancies, manage all maintenance and provide exceptional communication to our investors.

Portfolio Analysis

Meet with our team online or at our San Marcos office for a complimentary Portfolio Analysis and Property Presentation.

Portfolio Design Questionnaire

Our proprietary Portfolio Design Questionnaire generates deep insight into an investors goals and objectives, revealing the strongest investment strategies.

Property Presentation

After reviewing the Portfolio Design responses, Meridian presents investors with a custom portfolio of homes and a long-term investment strategy.

Market Criteria Report

Meridian provides investors with a detailed Market Criteria Report about the areas and specific subdivisions showing the strongest future outlook.

Investor Education

We take the time to educate investors about property selections and market expectations. Together, we tailor the portfolio to fit the investors needs.

Property Selection Strategies

Single-family real estate has trends, characteristics, and subtle nuances that influence each investment property. Meridian has identified three distinct categories which create a stable, properly leveraged real estate portfolio: Cash Flow, Anchor, and IRR.


A conservative strategy that protects an investor’s principal.

Cash Flow

A strategy to maximize cash-on-cash return with high rent ratio properties.


A strategy designed to drive an investor’s wealth.

Combining Strategies

Combining these strategies allows investors to create a balanced portfolio while being properly leveraged across the risks associated real estate investing. Building a portfolio with a mix of these strategies allows an investor to capitalize on each market segment’s benefits while leveraging the portfolio’s risks associated with vacancy, maintenance, market fluctuations, and liquidity.


These are the four most common methods of property acquisition that investors use during a closing with Meridian Pacific Properties.

$200K to $280K
  • Lower risk
  • Strong cash flow
  • Lower closing costs

Requiring a total investment ranging from $200,000 to $280,000, many Meridian investors use available cash to acquire investment properties free and clear of financing. These are much faster and easier transactions and have the lowest overall volatility to the investor’s return.


$55K – $80K cash down

  • Drives higher IRR
  • Builds wealth more quickly
  • More aggressive than cash
  • Limited to 10 loan slots

Investors looking to take of advantage of leverage and desire to use rental property financing, Meridian has strong banking relationships with traditional, Fannie-Mae financing institutions who will provide individual, recourse loans requiring 20% – 25% down (75% – 80% LTV) with great 15 or 30-year fixed rate mortgages. Including lender closings costs this will amount to a total investment costs per property of $55,000 to $80,000. Under Fannie-Mae guidelines an investor can obtain up to ten total SFR loans including their primary residence.


80% or lower LTV

  • Great relationships with referrable lenders
  • Multiple loan products available

Meridian can also assist with securing asset-based financing. These institutions can lend up 80% LTV. They can also offer portfolio loans starting at $500,000.


Using self-directed facilitators, Meridian has also helped investors deploy capital from IRA accounts to acquire SFR real estate investments.


Meridian has an outstanding in-house team that navigates our investors through the entire escrow closing process. Meridian Pacific Properties will guide you through the entire administrative and sales process; we do the heavy lifting, you make all the decisions. Here is what you can expect from us.

Drafts Contracts and Sales Documents

Creates Due Diligence Package

Proactively Communicates with Investor

Schedules Appraisals and Inspections

Coordinate Lender, Title and Closing

Assist with Insurance Quotes

“Property management will make or break your return on investment.”


Most property management companies make their income through property turnover and maintenance, two things that an investor wants to avoid. That’s why, as investors ourselves, we opened our own property management company and take full control over the process. Meridian Property Management was formed in 2012 and is completely devoted to the interests of Meridian Pacific Properties investors.

Property Management


Meridian Property Management provides exclusive, high-end rental property management services that ensure our investors do not lose money on sub-par property management.

Keep Reading

Meridian Property Management specializes in leasing and managing premium investment properties located in established, family-friendly neighborhoods around the perimeter of the Memphis area market, including northern Mississippi.

To date, Meridian Property Management manages more than 620+ single family properties for 200+ Meridian Pacific investors and third-party clients. Backed by quality service, for both tenants and homeowners.

Meridian Property Management’s comprehensive services allows owners to enjoy the financial benefits of a well-managed investment property without being involved in the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep. Clients can be confident that their properties and tenants are getting the care needed for a professional, successful investment experience.


Strategic property marketing to maximize exposure and minimize vacancies.


Proprietary screening process that produces high quality, long term tenants.


Proven techniques to ensure efficient collection of rents and payments from tenants.


Exceptional in-house maintenance team and select vendors to minimize expenses.


Friendly and helpful management team to build relationships and retain good tenants.


Transparency and accountability to show financial progress and potential.

Tracking and Reporting


As investors ourselves, we know how important it is to track investment returns. Building off the initial Property Analysis our team designed for the investor, we create a detailed projection of returns for the first ten years of their investments. Every month we share a Profit & Loss report displaying property income and expenses for ease of accounting. Our annual Portfolio Performance Report (PPR) is the client favorite. The PPR shows the overall portfolio return to date, highlighting cash flow, debt pay down and property appreciation.

Exit Strategy

Sell to Primary Home Owner

Investor would wait for the home to go vacant, update the property to retail condition and list with a local real estate agent. This option will likely have the longest days on market that the home is being listed, however this option should command the highest sales value. As a full-service real estate investment provider, Meridian can assist with this process.

Sell to an Investor

Investor can sell their occupied or vacant property to another investor. This option would not force vacancy and could generate a higher qualified buyer. However, the investor would need to list at a price that is in line with the current going CAP rates.

Sell to Tenant

The investor can negotiate a lease option for the tenant to purchase a home immediately or over time.

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