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Meridian Pacific Properties’ executive team recorded its second Webinar of 2022 with special guest Todd Swanson of Swanson Lending.

On Jan. 6, Meridian Pacific Properties' executive team recorded its first Webinar of the year. 2021 was a banner year for real estate with record home-price and rental appreciation. In addition, the significant gains of the stock market generated a greater amount of investable wealth, some of which is being channeled into real estate.

October 7, 2021: Q3 2021 Live Investor Webinar with Meridian Pacific Properties.   During this

The Meridian Pacific Properties Leadership team gives discusses quarterly market updates about The state of the national SFR investment market, the real estate bubble, and upcoming investment opportunities

Couldn’t make it to our Post-Election: Real Estate Tax Laws and Strategies webinar? You can still learn about all of the tax strategies and tips offered by our guest speaker, Brian Wilcox, Tax Partner at JGD & Associates, LLP by watching our recap video

The Meridian Pacific Properties Leadership team give important updates about The State of the Memphis Single-Family Home Investor Market and provide information on High-Yield Residential Investment Properties.