January Live Webinar Recording 2021 Q4 Memphis SFR Overview

On Jan. 6, Meridian Pacific Properties’ executive team recorded its first Webinar of the year. To view highlights, click on the timestamps below.

Build-to-Rent Market Investment Outlook – Kevin Conlon, Principal and Co-Founder

  • 2021 was a banner year for real estate with record home-price and rental appreciation. In addition, the significant gains of the stock market generated a greater amount of investable wealth, some of which is being channeled into real estate. [Timestamp 2:55]

  • When home prices rise more than net operating income, capitalization rates/gross rental yields are compressed. [Timestamp 5:16] 

  • Once rent increases start to keep pace with or exceed home-price appreciation, we’ll see cap rate compression start to flatten.  [Timestamp 10:02]

  • The United States is still short about 5.24 million homes. Builders are managing the problem well, but ongoing supply-chain issues and labor shortages mean this problem won’t be solved in 2022. [Timestamp 11:15]

  • Analysts predict we’ll see above average home-price and rental appreciation both nationally and in the Memphis MSA in 2022. [Timestamp 12:20]

Overview of the Memphis Market – Kent Coykendall, President

  • Meridian’s rent-collection rate continues to be exceedingly strong at 99.7%, and our vacancy rate of 4% is significantly lower than the Memphis average [Timestamp 16:33]

  • Last summer, Meridian determined it was in the best interest of our investors to do away with the 4% rent cap. As a result, we are securing higher rents for our clients at renewal and lease-up time. [Timestamp 20:11]

  • There is a great shortage of available properties in the Memphis area. Coupled with affordability, we expect continued upward pressure on home prices. [Timestamp 24:43]

2022 Opportunities for Investors – Brian Conlon, Business Development Manager

  • Meridian is very intentional as we choose where to build, when, and why. [Timestamp 29:20]

  • In 2022, we will be selling investor homes in the Mississippi cities of Byhalia, South Haven, Walls, and Horn Lake. [Timestamp 31:20] 

Finally, during our next Live Quarterly Webinar, we will feature a guest speaker who will discuss several new loan products available to investors. No matter what your investing goals may be, you won’t want to miss this, so mark your calendar for Thursday, April 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Big News dropped in our "Memphis Market Update Q1 2022" Live Webinar on April 7, 2022.