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The Meridian Pacific Properties leadership team provides important current updates and an overview of the Memphis and Real Estate Market. Plus, new announcements for investors

Increasingly, we have been getting inquiries about what is happening in the Memphis real estate market and what the outlook is for investing there. Here are our top four current observations:

Why investing in single-family homes versus investing in a real estate investment trust or some other real estate related vehicle is a better option?

What are the characteristics as far as millennials and centennials - how are they impacting the real estate market? Like, what's the trend that they are setting?

Is there anything that an investor should be concerned about with the real estate market's slowing down over this past month?

What kind of questions would you ask a potential investor if they were to determine whether a REIT or a purchasing real estate would be a better option for them? I always like to ask an investor to be clear on what your objectives are.