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There is an inexact science involved when it comes to how property taxes get established for new construction properties. To help bring clarity around this issue, we want to provide some context as to how property tax rates are determined in the first place.

Whether you have one or multiple properties with Meridian Pacific Properties in your portfolio, investors should be well informed and prepared on how to file their taxes.

For many years California was one of the darlings of real estate investment. With its significant population and industrial growth over the …

Are you considering investing in real estate? Interested in building your portfolio? Meridian Pacific Properties is a full-service real estate company specializing in …

The Meridian Pacific Properties Leadership team give important updates about The State of the Memphis Single-Family Home Investor Market and provide information on High-Yield Residential Investment Properties.

We have highlighted in our newsletters the fact that interest rates are at an all-time low. Now, we want to attach numbers to this to show the improvement in return on your investments