The Spirit of What We Do

The whole spirit behind what we’re trying to do is we wanted to solve a problem for people. I mean,...

The Spirit of What We Do

Brian: And something you’ve always, that I’ve always admired about you is just your natural curiosity for understanding why, how I think of the five W’s, that’s kind of one of your natural gifts as far as doing your due diligence. So it’s, it’s been fun to witness and learn from.

Kevin: Well, the whole spirit behind what we’re trying to do is we wanted to solve a problem for people. I mean, 95% of Americans only invest in traditional investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, you know, cash instruments and so on. Only 5% invest in alternative investments. And that includes real estate. And the return opportunities relative to the amount of risk you’re taking are so much greater in other asset classes. But when you go to other unfamiliar asset classes, if you aren’t going to be the subject matter expert, you need to be partnered with people who are.

So it’s all about choosing the right partner when you do that. So if you’re going to invest in Alaskan fishing rights, you better, you know, partner with somebody who understands that subject. And if you’re gonna invest in Single-Family Homes, you’d better partner with somebody who understands the nature of the industry and it is constantly watching for what’s changing in the industry. Because it changes all the time. I mean, we go through business cycles and you need to know how to respond when the business cycles change. Or be partnered with somebody who does. And that’s, and that’s what we do.

Brian: If you don’t know it, make sure you have someone on your team in a sense.

Kevin: So at the end of the day, you know, when you build a company like this, well I always start with the question of, ‘if I was an investor, how would I want to be treated?’ Because I think I drive other people nuts. You know, when I’m evaluating them, cause I asked so many questions. Cause I’m trying to do my due diligence. I really drive him crazy. But once I have crossed the Rubicon and I’ve decided that I can trust these people. I ask very few questions and I let them do what they do because now I know I can put my faith and trust in them. And to me, they are now just a staff member. And their job is to manage the real estate part of my life. You know, it’s just like other decisions you make in your life, right? You usually have your chosen electrician or handyman or you know, stockbroker or what have you. And I mean, this is your staff for helping manage your life. Because if you’re a successful person, you’ve, you’re busy. You don’t have time to be an expert in everything. So do your due diligence on that, on your partners, and make them part of your staff and hold them accountable. So that would be my advice.


Kevin Conlon – Principal & Co-Founder || Brian Conlon – Business Development