MPP Live Webinar 2022 Q1

Meridian Pacific Properties’ executive team recorded its second Webinar of 2022 with special guest Todd Swanson of Swanson Lending.

January Live Webinar Recording 2021 Q4 Memphis SFR Overview

On Jan. 6, Meridian Pacific Properties’ executive team recorded its first Webinar of the year. 2021 was a banner year for real estate with record home-price and rental appreciation. In addition, the significant gains of the stock market generated a greater amount of investable wealth, some of which is being channeled into real estate.

October Live Webinar Recording – 2021 Q3 Memphis SFR Overview

October 7, 2021: Q3 2021 Live Investor Webinar with Meridian Pacific Properties.   During this Webinar: Kevin Conlon, Co-Founder & Principal. @1:31 – Introduces the company’s new Chief Financial Officer, Justin Burns. @4:50 – Discusses the current state of the single-family home real-estate market. Kent Coykendall, President. @16:06 – Gives an update on the Memphis […]

Shelby County’s Property Reappraisal

Have you received a property reappraisal notice? The increase in value is significant, but some are worried about the increased property taxes that might come with it.

How to Evaluate a Market for SFR Investments

How did we determine that Memphis would be a strong market for real estate investments? Meridian performed research on more than 360 of the nation’s largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s), carefully examining the potential submarkets and properties.

Internal Rate of Return – Defined

The internal rate of return or IRR is an important calculation used frequently in real estate investing to determine if the investment is worthwhile.

How to Select Your Next Property for a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange is one of the best tools that an investor can use in the real estate market. Learn about a like kind exchange, 1031 exchange properties, turnkey investment properties and finding replacement properties.