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Springtime Strategies for Real Estate Investments

Optimize Your Portfolio to Meet Changing Financial Goals   Change is inevitable, especially during significant life events like a new baby, divorce, or career shift, which can impact financial stability. Annually reviewing your real estate portfolio can be a great way to consistently align your investments with your financial and life goals. Here’s an outline […]

Property Management Can Make or Break a Real Estate Investment

Before you sign a management agreement, make sure your property management company excels in these five areas   Making money in real estate involves mitigating risk and eliminating uncertainty whenever possible. While some investors choose self management, others rely on property management companies to ensure their success. But what separates a good property management company […]

Understanding Evictions – Part 2

What to expect if your eviction case goes to court   This is Part 2 of a two-part series. To read Part 1, which explains why Meridian Property Management (MPM) will file for eviction on a resident who has not paid rent and stopped communicating, click here.   MPM requires residents to pay rent by […]

Understanding Evictions – Part 1

If you’re a Meridian Property Management client, here’s what you need to know   This is Part 1 of a two-part series   This month, an employee-investor provides a first-hand account of the current eviction process in the Memphis area. In Part 2, we’ll report on what typically happens as an eviction case moves through […]

Why Would Someone Buy an Investment Property Now?

Curious why someone would buy an investment property right now? We asked one of our investors …   Q) Last month, you purchased a third home from Meridian. Given how high mortgage rates are – and with so much economic uncertainty – what made you pull the trigger?   A) I love podcasts, and recently […]

Memphis Real Estate Update Amidst Covid-19 – May 2020

Increasingly we have been getting inquiries about what is happening in the Memphis real estate market, and what the outlook is for investing there. In talking with our clients, I observe that investors are seeking a safer, less volatile alternative to the stock market that still offers strong returns.

The Spirit of What We Do

The whole spirit behind what we’re trying to do is we wanted to solve a problem for people. I mean, 95% of Americans only invest in traditional investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, you know, cash instruments, and so on. Only 5% invest in alternative investments. And that includes real estate.

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